Our high-quality standards and clear commitment to service are two key reasons why leading national and international insurers rely on the skills of our team, both in litigious and advisory matters.

We provide support in out-of-court procedures, matters which are brought before the courts/state authorities, arbitration, expert determination as well as in mediation proceedings. On the one hand, we act as monitoring and coverage counsel; on the other, we assume the role of defence counsel, as mandated by the respective insurer.

We represent clients in all sectors and give advice on all types of losses and claims – including liability and coverage disputes, recourse claims and large claims processing. Our clients place their trust in our experience and professionalism in the processing of high-profile claims.

They very much appreciate our specialised market knowledge and sensitivity to the individual needs at play during the settlement of claims; we always take the importance of customer relationships into account and consider the medium and long-term impact of any measures we take from a (business-) strategy perspective.

Insurers and reinsurers, underwriting agents and brokers also come to us for advice on regulatory and contract issues for all types of insurance. Our standard repertoire includes drafting and adjusting of insurance conditions (including the “Austrianisation” of existing sets of terms), advising on distribution issues from a regulatory point of view, structuring distribution collaborations, and drafting regulatory law and other legal opinions for submission to the authorities.

If necessary, we leverage our network of international partners with whom we have successfully collaborated in the past. Our connections to Germany, Central and Southeast Europe and the Anglo-American sphere are particularly robust.

Our expertise includes:

  • Financial Lines/Specialty Lines (D&O, E&O/FIPI, prospectus liability/POSI)
  • Cyber risks and cyber-crime (third party liability / first party loss / business interruption)
  • Financial loss/professional indemnity (doctors, financial service providers, auditors,
  • tax consultants, lawyers, architects/civil engineers)
  • Industrial claims – third party liability and first party loss insurance
  • Product Liability
  • Warranty & Indemnity insurance (W&I), transactional risk insurance (TRI), M&A insurance
  • Fidelity bonds (crime)
  • Criminal legal expenses insurance/li>
  • Environmental liability/damage insurance
  • Credit and guarantee insurance
  • Yacht hull insurance, yacht third party liability insurance
  • Motor vehicle third party liability, legal expenses insurance

The real estate sector is one of the most important sectors of our economy. Besides the sector’s significance for the economy as a whole, it also serves an important societal task, because the need for space – especially residential space – is a basic need.

Therefore, there is a strong political interest in the real estate market. This means that the sector is subject to a high degree of regulation – not all of which makes perfect sense.

To be successful in the real estate sector, you need to have knowledge and experience across several different disciplines. In comparison to other asset classes, the legal framework has a more particular impact. Besides the interest rate, zoning issues, building density, encumbrances, applicable tenancy laws etc. also have a great influence on the value of a property.

To achieve your objectives in this complex area, it makes sense to be represented by expert lawyers who do not only know the law, but also the industry. We offer our advice to all market participants in this exciting and important business sector, from institutional investors through to project developers and family offices/foundations which do not think in terms of years, but in terms of decades – or even generations.

Our expertise includes:

  • Institutional investors (funds, banks, insurers)
  • Real estate developers
  • Privatstiftungen
  • Building companies
  • Clients in the construction industry
  • Architects and civil engineers
  • Property trustees
  • Clients from the tourism and hotel sectors
  • Private investors

Companies and entrepreneurs, legal departments and managing directors/executive directors receive accurate and efficient assistance from us when realising their value-creation projects.

Our substantial experience in handling transactions helps our clients to structure and implement acquisitions, sales and collaborations in a way which is friction-free and fully optimised. Whether a merger, spin-off, contribution in kind, conversion, or other type of restructuring or corporate action – we advise on the best strategy to adopt and help to implement it professionally and according to schedule.

Complete, legally-focused and well-structured documentation is crucial for sustained success in day-to-day business. As a full service provider, we assist and take care of document management, amendment of key company documents (e.g. articles of association, syndicate agreements, internal byelaws, signatory rules), coordinate, flank and document shareholder meetings, help with drafting and obtaining circular shareholder resolutions and consents which are required by either the articles or association or the internal byelaws and also document resolutions adopted by the corporate bodies (managing directors, executive directors, supervisory board members) and update the companies register (company register entries).

We advise shareholders on how to best structure complex syndicate, shareholder and voting agreements and assist in protecting their rights in (contentious) shareholder’s meetings and in shareholder disputes (including court litigation).

Besides corporations and partnerships, we also provide our services to private foundations regarding their daily corporate law issues and advise on how to structure contracts from a corporate law point of view. Our team supports our clients concerning the establishment of a company, corporate housekeeping, questions of company succession, implementation of essential general terms and conditions, supply and distribution agreements and compliance-related questions.

Finally, companies from a range of industries value our profound know-how and relevant experience in legal disputes – whether out of court litigation or court litigation, before state courts or arbitration panels.

Directors and officers (managing directors, executive directors, supervisory board, advisory board) obtain legal advice and conduct/compliance coaching from us in order to be able to adequately address daily challenges and associated liability risks.

Our expertise includes:

  • Insurance industry
  • Real estate industry
  • Construction industry
  • Financial service industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Advisory and other professionals (e.g. doctors, architects, civil engineers)
  • SMEs
  • Tourism and hotel sector
  • IT and software development industry
  • Energy sector