Corporate Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements

Every company has a range of contractual relationships with numerous partners, suppliers, customers, distribution partners, consultants etc.

To structure contracts in a way which best ensures success, it is essential to completely and accurately identify and understand all the interests at play at the time when the contract is concluded and also to anticipate how the interests will develop in the future. By maintaining high level cooperation with other experts and service providers of our client (e.g. business and tax consultants), it is possible to find tailor-made solutions for you in all phases of your business’s lifecycle.

Our experienced specialists provide you with targeted legal support when drafting and negotiating general terms and conditions, supply and distribution agreements, licence agreements, tenancy agreements and when entering into business partnerships and joint ventures. We are always sensitive to the impact legal issues may have on your relationships.

The focus of our team on corporate law and general civil law as well as their deep experience in dealing with the courts translate into customised contractual solutions for your daily business challenges which take account of the relevant interests and can withstand judicial scrutiny.