White Collar Crime and Corporate Responsibility

Criminal law compliance risks are ever-present in business and can only be avoided if the management allots resources and focus to them. We help you with all aspects of governance, risk management and compliance – including the prevention of corruption or money laundering within your organisation.

In the event of such cases, we are called in for the forensic processing of any compliance violations, structure and accompany the legal pursuit of liability claims and their enforcement in court. Finally, we also provide support with regard to the defence in criminal investigations and court trials as well as with regard to the defence of any civil claims.

We represent both companies as well as managers with regard to criminal and civil liability proceedings before the criminal prosecution authorities and courts. Furthermore, we help damaged parties to enforce their civil law claims as private parties in adhesion proceedings.

The size of our team, the level of experience it has, and our technical set-up mean that we are the right partner for complex, information-crammed criminal law proceedings cutting across multiple sectors and legal fields.